Hangzhou Hangji Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (HMTCL) is an equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing large-scale CNC precision grinding machines. It is established and invested by Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (Originally HANGZHOU MACHINE TOOL WORKS) which has a history of 60 years. Located in Zhejiang Lin’an Economic Development Zone, our company covers an area of 300 mu(1mu=666.666sq. M) and floor area of 100,000 square meters. The total asset is 800 million yuan and the registered capital is 292 million yuan. After a major reform of property rights in 2011, Tonic Holdings Group begins to enter and host HMTCL with the integration of both cultures. The powerful combination complementing each other’s advantages, sharing resources, highlighting scale effect and reaching the leap-forward development strategy.
Hangzhou HangJi Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
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Address:No. 68 Qingshan Road, Linan, Hangzhou City, China
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